Privacy Policy

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) stipulates that we must clearly state what, if any, personally identifiable information (PII) we are storing about you and how we safeguard it. PII is information that can be used on its own, or with other information to identify, contact, or locate a single person, or to identify and individual in context. This policy describes how we collect, use, protect and handle your PII at [TC] Gaming.


[TC] Gaming is an online community run by unpaid volunteers. We are not a company, we do not pursue any monetary goals. We do not sell any goods, either physically or virtually. Your data is also never shared with anyone. This excludes information that is publicly accessible by anyone accessing our websites or services.

Accessing [TC] Websites

We log IP addresses when you access the following websites:

For technical and security reasons, the IP address you are connecting from will be stored in a log-file for 3 months.

Accessing [TC] Gaming Forum

When registering an account on the [TC] Gaming Forum (, we collect and store:

Your chosen forum username is required to identify posts that you make and your email address is used for any opt-in thread/forum/private message subscriptions you choose to have. Your subscription settings can be adjusted in the User CP ( We also use your email address to send password recovery emails should you forget your password and an initial account verification email. We also store your Live for Speed username. This allows us to share your LFS online status and [TC] World statistics with other forum users on your public profile. We also store your preferred time zone to show you the correct time stamps of posts, threads and private messages.

How do we protect your information?

Your PII is stored on a secure network and is only accessible by [TC] management.


You can support [TC] by using the donation link provided on the website. The donation will be carried out via PayPal. All PII related to this transaction (i.e. your name, PayPal ID, address, etc. ) will only be visible to the physical recipient and won’t be shared with anyone. Donating cannot be completely anonymous due to money laundering laws. If you choose to be attributed to your donation, we store the forum username you supplied with your donation so that we can manage your forum perks.

Teamspeak 3 Server

[TC] offers a Teamspeak 3 server. You can access this service anonymously by choosing a pseudonym. For technical and security reasons, the IP address you are connecting from will be stored in a log-file for 1 year. The TS3 server is subject to regular update intervals to avoid security issues and potential data leakage.

Live for Speed (LFS) Servers

[TC] operates several LFS ( servers. By accessing any of these servers, we will automatically obtain:

You do not need to provide any other PII to use that service. The data we obtain is stored in a protected database. Your IP address will be deleted after 1 year but the country associated with it will remain on your public profile indefinitely. Your LFS username will also be stored indefinitely. This is partly to allow you to log in to your [TC] World account. The LFS servers and database are subject to regular updates to avoid security issues and potential data leakage.


[TC] uses cookies to identify your browser-session. This is a technical necessity to access personal areas that require a personal login. This “session-cookie” carries a temporary, randomly created identifier and does not contain any personal information. If you set up your browser to not allow cookies, you won’t be able to access areas that require a login. (see